First project

I'm very new to Arduino, and I have an idea for my first project. I want to make a portable speedometer for snowboarding and maybe other uses. I sort of want the actual Arduino unit to be in my pocket, while the cord to the display goes to my arm, (like a watch) or onto my goggles. I know I'll need the main board, some kind of GPS shield, and a display of some sort. Does this sound possible?

Possible.. GPS in hat/helmet would be good. Or GPS antenna on Helmet, GPS with Arduino.

Learn about GPS data, NMEA etc.

LCD readable in sunlight??

Is it difficult to configure the screen? Also, since the GPS' units are in coords, will I need to script in an equation for converting the units to Kmh or Mph?

Why not a hand-held GPS unit?


For your reference

Thanks, but I'm only looking to monitor my speed, and maybe my coords.
I don't want a handheld because I need natural control of the board, and holding something could disrupt that. Also, I could drop it...

I would suggest an old nokia 5110 lcd since they are very cheap, easy to use, and easy to see in sunlight. Find a gps module and learn from example code for both. After being able to control the lcd pretty well, it should be easy to, let's say, transfer the gps coordinates from the serial monitor or wherever it shows it to you, to the lcd. And also, since the arduino is a development board and you want some sort of usable project, unsolder the female pin headers and just solder your wires directly to the board just where you would plug them in. Good luck!
(reccomend a micro as well)