First Sketch will not work !


I have purchased a Yun and I am trying to follow this youtube tutorial:

however when i upload the bridge wi-fi status example, i open the console and it says cannot connect, it retries 3 times and then asks if i am using bridge ?

Any ideas I would be most grateful

Thanks In Advance Acestu :~

p.s. I have updated the Yun to latest firmware.

Are you getting:

Unable to connect: retrying (1)... 
Unable to connect: retrying (2)... 
Unable to connect: retrying (3)... 
Unable to connect: retrying (4)... 
Unable to connect: is the sketch using the bridge?


 cannot connect


If it is the first then close the Serial Monitor window, select the USB connection in the Tools->Port menu and reopen the Serial Monitor. The instructions at the top of the example sketch tell you to use the USB.

If this works here are the lessons to learn: Follow the instructions EXACTLY If you have trouble make sure you followed the instructions EXACTLY Report error messages EXACTLY as you receive them, AFTER searching this forum for them, this is a very common error and there are many posts here about it. Youtube is great and there are lots of examples there, if you have trouble with one, ask whoever posted it on Youtube about the problem.

Also on the FAQ

Hi noblepepper,

It is the first one, and you were spot on.

Thanks acestu

Great, these little guys are computers and take things very literally. What seems like an extremely small difference to you can give entirely different results.