First time engineer... need mechanical help!

Good morning,

My daughters and I are enrolled in a Creative Engineering class online and are working on our first build ever! We have a great idea and I'm researching what supplies we need to build our first prototype. The problem that I'm having is that I'm not sure if the motor or piston I have in mind actually exists and if it does, I'm not sure what it's called. Here are the requirements:

We're looking for some type of mechanism to launch chew sticks out of a box for our dog. In my mind, this looks something like a firing pin from a pistol but we are hoping to make it automatic, meaning we don't want to have to reset the piston/firing pin every time. Can anybody help me figure out what I should search for?!

**Edited to add: Is there such thing as a linear actuator that resets itself automatically?

Thanks in advance!

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A linear actuator, or solenoid with a plunger and spring would work.

The solenoid would be a lot simpler. You would just need a MOSFET transistor switch and suitable power supply (not the Arduino power supply) to operate it.

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For cost & simplicity, I’d think about a driven tyre to throw the stick…. a bit like a tennis ball launcher.

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How about 2 rotating wheels like a ball launcher?

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Thank you! I love this idea and am adding it to my list of possibilities!

Thank you! This is a great idea!

take a view here.

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