First Time Project (Cut Off Voltage For Device)


I have a project that I want to work on basically using an arduino code to cut off a device, once it reaches a particular voltage. I want to be able to monitor the voltage the entire time and once the voltage reaches an extreme drop from a peak the device would shut off. I do not know where to start and it would be appreciated for any help given. It would be good if I knew what components I would need and any references to start with. :confused:

I have an arduino uno, and an arduino voltage sensor thus far

Thank You

Which sensor do you have ?
What range of voltages do you want to monitor ?

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I have a Standard Voltage Sensor for Arduino DC0-25V. I want to monitor 0V-18V

Please post a link to this mysterious "Standard Voltage Sensor".

Note that two resistors, used to make a voltage divider, will work.

attached is a link to a similar voltage sensor.