First time project help!

My son and I going to do our first project ever. We want to embed into existing large star wars mini-figures (about 10 inches high) the ability for them to “shoot” and for the other figure to register being shot. To be clear, nothing is being shot out- this would be via infrared or something like that. It does not need to fit into the cavity of the figure. Ideally it would make some sort of sound when it shoots and when it is hit.

Does anyone have a parts list for such a project? It does not not need to be anything impressive. This will be our first time using a soldering iron etc and my son is 10 years old.

Any help would be appreciated. We do not know where to start.

You can use LED, IR or laser diodes for shooting, and LDR or matching (same wavelength) diodes to detect an hit.

The biggest problem will be the focus of the shooting beam. It should be so narrow that you can detect whether it hits or misses the target. OTOH a small spot requires a large sensitive area on the target, else a hit will be detected only when you shoot directly onto the sensor.

Don't worry about "laser", use the cheap (5V) diodes designed for laser pointers, and reduce the supply current (by a resistor) to a low yet useful level. Then you can find out visually where a shot goes, and whether your code detects an hit when it should.

Old photometers had a large sensitive area, but I doubt that such devices (selenium photo cells) are still available. Nowadays a (small) solar cell may cover a reasonable target area. But I'm not sure how sensitive and fast these cells are, so that you can distinguish an shot (pulse) from ambient light.

Much room for your own experiments, have fun :-)