First time project

It’s my first time doing a diy project and I just wanted to make sure I had the right materials before I started the project

I’m wanting to make a device that moves two doors controlled by an Arduino that is activated by an amazon echo dot

I was thinking getting an Arduino Nano and a WiFi chip to communicate with the dot and then two servo motors
I know I would need an external power source for the two motors but have no idea what else. Any help is appreciated

What kind of doors?
Doors that humans or pets move through? If so, there is a large safety concern. If the opening mechanism is strong enough to open a door like that, it is strong enough to trap and kill a child or pet.

Not full size door I’m trying to make doors that a beer can can fit through

An ESP8266 chip works well in my experience for connecting projects to the internet. I have used several cheap Wemos D1 Minis which are compatible with Arduino and can be programmed over a usb connection unlike some other ESP8266 devices.

I found a project online which uses a Wemos board and Alexa to control a servo here:

The project shows how you would connect a servo to the board and how to control it. A quick adjustment to the code should get you what you want.