First time user, have problem with LCD shield type

The line at the shield startup 'DFR_key.h' shows an error 'does not name a type'. The details are ; mega 2560, the shield is D1 Robot. I have an library for the 3d scanner project and there is different brand shield stated. I have a sample shield test Program for the Robot but just runing that does not seem to work. On the device the lights ire on but there is no one home. any thoughts folks.

If you've got lights you're 1/2 way there. Be sure to tweak the contrast pot. The display coule be working perfectly, but you can't see it if the contrast is off. Can you see the row of blocks that is the power on test pattern? Adjust the pot until the blocks are clear and try it again.

Please post your sketch; just in case, read How to get the best out of this forum and pay special attention to the section where it describes how to post code using code tags.

Please post the full error message, preferably using code tags as well.

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Thanks heaps, I now have a message that reads and the keys seem to work ok. Now for the error message so I will send the shetch off, after reading getting the best out of this forum.
I need to understand the post code tags first I think, thanks all

Hi sterretje, Thanks for your help, I will post the line exactly as is that seems the problem and then to error message exactly, Cheers


Post the full sketch, please. The error is often not on the line that is indicated.

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