First version of KiWi V1.0 release "controlling your arduino with serial ports"

Hi everyone
i notice that allot of people have problems with using serial-ports "USB"
others have problems with Ethernet shield, or making Arduino communicate with a PC or internet,

KiWi it's a simple open source program that gives you allot of options in simple ways

  • connect arduino to Internet without Ethernet/wireless you can using it as API - facebook/twetter
  • controlling pin13 / you can use it in different ways, use your imagination ::slight_smile:
  • controlling LCD Display / send commands / showing texts live
  • display CPU usage / RAM / Temp of your PC or Server
  • arduino codes inside

anyway it's an open source program you can edit it as you like :wink:
I hope that will help people to understand how and serial ports commands work
if you have ideas to improve it feel free
the program in attached files

KiWi (133 KB)