Fish Speed Trials

Plug a couple of waterproofed IR emitters and phototransistors into an Arduino, connect the serial port of the Arduino to an ioBridge serial module, connect the ioBridge to the router and eventually you get ummm no idea what to call it :slight_smile:

The IR trigger beams have been installed into a fish tank and measure the velocity of fish across the beams and then uploads the resulting data to the webpage at

Why? I hear people say, well because I can :slight_smile:

Any thoughts for a name?


awesome work Kev

(ps, nice to see another BBs member here :wink: 8-))

Hey Ste :slight_smile: nice to see you lol

I've posted a blog on the Fish Speed Trap system including the basic code used. Help yourself if it is of any use to you. It could easily be adapted for photographic timing projects.

Omg, that's so cool! :o