Fish tank "entertainment" system. LEDs.

I have a pet fish (BETTA) and he is a bit bored.

As it is winter the blinds are closed of a day and so it is pretty dark most days.
It is too dark to open them when I leave of a morning and when I get home of a night, it is dark.
I was thinking to make some lights (LED) around parts of the tank to "entertain" him of a day while I am at work.

I don't know if this is a good forum to ask, or the fish forum. But I would hope that someone here may be able to suggest a way of doing this.

Thanks in advance.

Search for "NeoPixels" on These are RGB LED's that are available in strips, circles, and individual units. They can be daisy chained together using only 3 wires and only 1 digital I/O pin. Pretty easy to use and the example code is a great starting point. Here's a video of two NeoPixel rings (the 16 segment versions) running off a Trinket:

I second xpendable's suggestion. You can get strips with 60 or 144 leds per metre that can be cut to length and are water resistant (not proof). A few strips of these on the underside of the tank lid would enable you to simulate sunrise/sunset, effects like rolling waves on the ocean surface, fading colours and so on. No high power drivers needed either, although you will need a substantial power supply (3.6A per meter for the 60 leds @5V).



Looks good. Though actually they will do for OTHER project/s I have going more so than the first light.

But I may consider it.