Fishino Uno

Hello guys,

I am sorry to post here a question regarding Fishino Uno, as I can't subscribe to that forum because it doesn't accept any password. It looks like Fishino Forum gets confused by my subscription to this one.

My Fishino Uno is not recognized by Windows 7. I downloaded the CH341SER driver as per instructions, but I am unable to get it to work. The Fishino Uno is seen by the computer as a new device which wants a Stk500V2 driver, which doesn't exist in the CH341SER folder. The search of a right driver ends with no result.

I am asking this community if anybody can please help me to solve this issue, as right now I am completely stuck.

Thanks for your attention.

Antonio Zanardo

It looks from the documentation that it needs an entry into the board manager.

Going to guess that once that's in and you have restarted the IDE you can set up the boards in the board manager as you would for any third party board.