Fitting the parts into the case - The art of it.

Hello all. After completing the code, getting the parts and testing it, comes the part where you want to put it all into a nice a case and be proud. Now, this seems an art in itself. Do you guys have any tips as to how to approach this task? How to keep the wires long enough but not to long? Hoe to ensure things don't get bumpy inside? How to keep it all tidy, organised and clean? Would very much appreciate your thoughts and examples. :)

:fearful: Seriously? No thoughts, insights, words of experienced wisdom?

First, develop some patience. 20 minutes of contemplating never hurt anyone.

I like using Really Useful Boxes (found at Staples, Officemax, online) for building stuff into. Easy to work with material. Try and mount all parts to the box, or to the cover. Minimize the number of wires that have to go to both.

Ribbon cables are good. Panel Mount connectors for connecting up wallwarts are good. Scroll down here, you can see some examples. Pencil cases can be useful too.

Be creative.

Also look at for customizing your design. Sparkfun has a collection of little boxes too.

Thanks CrossRoads -
Ribbon cables are something I haven’t thought about and seem a very good solution. I’ll look into that - are there
ribbon wires with jumpers?
Also thank you for the link and examples.
I’ll check out pencil cases too.

What about the way you position and fix the parts to the box? Glue gun? Double sided stickers?

4-40 nuts & bolt/screws. Bought a couple boxes of different lenghts from after cleaning out the local hardware store (not home depot, they don't go that small).

Home Depot does have bags of stick-on cable tie holders tho.

Nylon spacers from, bought couple bags of different lengths.

Also crimp housings and terminated wires. Male terminations for plugging into female headers, female terminations for sliding onto 0.025" square pins. Have used a lot of both. Bags of 50 wires, very handy.

This place also has lots of those kinds of parts also sockets, socket strips, header strips.

Stepdrill/unibit drill very handy for making holes in plastic, does not dig in & rip up the plastic. I have a couple of different sizes.

Thank you! :)

In my project I'm using a servo that needs it's own power supply. This means using 2 9V batteries. Is there another battery power source that will supply the same juice with smaller footprint?

LiPo batteries can supply more juice and in smaller packages.