fix code/minor problem

Hello Arduino form!! it is now 2018 and I have learnt lots about coding. Her is some code that me and a friend wrote together it works well on my tractor but both motors go forward before listening to nrf24lo1 and shield

I was hoping someone would find the problem in the code and fix it.

p.s Bugger… I’ve forgotten which code is which, but im sure joystick_alici.ino is the one.

cheers Bailey.

joystick_verici.ino (1.24 KB)

joystick_alici.ino (1.34 KB)

You will have to provide details of your hardware setup.

The code looks fine so the problem either lies in the radio that send the signals to Arduino or the hardware attached to the arduino that controls the tractor.

The code looks fine

Except that it should be posted in code tags.

Good day! I am using arduino nano in the tractor and an uno with the shield. So explaning it, on start up both motors go forward automatically and I would not like them to do that.

Chur Bailey

Then please post a schematic of the motor circuit.