FIXED: Get rid of "You have <n> unread personal messages in your inbox."

Not sure which number of "unread messages in your inbox" you have, but I want to know how to get rid of this popup after a login.

I get this popup whenever I start a new forum.arduino session (even via automatic login), even after deleting all personal messages, both inbox and outbox.

Same here, popup saying I have unread messages, but nothing in my inbox.

I only get a pop up about one new message, but exactly as you describe. I have no messages in my inbox.


Sixty for me. My inbox is absolutely empty.

It says I have 30 but there are only 18. 10 in Inbox and 8 in Sent.


i’ve got only 16 but annoying too.

Seems fixed now, thanks! Now please allow entering links as easily as before ;)

2nd try

Seems fixed now,

No, it is all over the place, normally it says I have 1141 messages and it has stopped saying that. But just now I got a flag above my avatar saying I had 414 messages when all that is left from the ravages of the change over is 6, and one of those came yesterday.

I feel ashamed: Since the @#¡!#ññ@ forum maintenance I can not see the new posts as I did before . . . . :cold_sweat:

As I'm an addict, I'm suffering from it . . . Can anyone help, please?