Fixed String

Hello everybody!

I have made a simple fixed string class available at:

Feel free to use FixedString.h file for any purpose.

Class Interface:

	CFixedString() noexcept;
	CFixedString(const char* pString);
	CFixedString(const int value);
	explicit CFixedString(const int value, StrBaseEnum type);
	explicit CFixedString(const char singleChar, uint32 numToRepeat) noexcept;


	uint32 getSize() const { return m_stringSize; }
	uint32 getLength() const { return m_stringSize; }
	uint32 getReservedSize() const { return FS_MAX_CHAR_COUNT; }

	const char* getData() { return m_fixedString; }
	const char* data() { return m_fixedString; }
	const char* buffer() const { return m_fixedString; }

	//For Range-based for Statement
	char* begin() { return &m_fixedString[0]; }
	char* end() { return &m_fixedString[m_stringSize]; }

	void lower();
	void upper();

	CFixedString& clear();

	bool isEmpty();
	bool isNumeric();
	bool isHexDecimal();
	bool isBinary(); 

	bool startsWithNoCase(const char* pString);
	bool startsWith(const char* pString);
	bool endsWith(const char* pString);
	bool contains(const char* pString);

	int countNoOccurances(const char& ch);
	int countNoOccurances(const char* pString);

	CFixedString<FS_MAX_CHAR_COUNT> substr(uint32 pos, uint32 len);

	bool append(const char ch);
	bool append(const char* pString);
	bool appendPrefix(const char* pString);

	int compare(const char* pString);
	int compareNoCase(const char* pString);

 	int find(char ch, uint32 startPos = 0);
 	int find(const char* pStrSub, uint32 startPos = 0);
 	int findLastOccurance(char ch);
	int findLastOccurance(const char* pStrSub);
 	int reverseFind(char ch);
 	int findOneOf(const char* pStrCharSet, uint32 startPos = 0);

	bool replace(uint32 pos, uint32 size, const char* pString);

 	void trimLeft(const int trimCutSet);
 	void trimRight(const int trimCutSet);
 	void trim(const int trimCutSet);

	//Assignment operators "="
	const CFixedString<FS_MAX_CHAR_COUNT>& operator=(char ch);
	const CFixedString<FS_MAX_CHAR_COUNT>& operator=(const char* pString);

	//Append operators "+="
	const CFixedString<FS_MAX_CHAR_COUNT>& operator+=(char ch);
	const CFixedString<FS_MAX_CHAR_COUNT>& operator+=(const char* pString);

	// Access by reference.
	char& operator[](int index);

	// Access by copy.
	char operator[](int index) const;

	int	asInt32() const;
	uint32	asUint32() const;
	int64	asInt64() const;
	uint64	asUint64() const;
	float	asFloat() const;
	double	asDouble() const;

Usage is as follows:

Prefer numBytesOccupy to have a value of power of 2.
CFixedString<numBytesOccupy> myFixedString(provide args. for any of constructors);

Please provide any suggestions or mods that can be done on it.