[FIXED] wemos d1 mini + battery-shield + ds3231 + epaper --> sudden WDT reset

hi all
i am working on a little infoscreen to display some data from apis. two days ago i declared it beta-ready, soldered it together, hooked it onto a battery and let it run.


it ran 48 hours successfully (yeah!), then the battery ran out. i hooked the battery-shield (or the wemos directly, can’t fully remember) onto a normal charger.

since then, the code fails with a WDT-reset. i was able to track it down to the RTC, removed all lines and was able to run it again. i even found some code-duplicate which i fixed. this at least removed the wdt, but it still says 1.1.2000.

if i run the RTC-libraries example-code, it strangely works as expected. im copmpletely baffled.

any ideas on that strange case?


It’s fixed. i forgot an else on my if(now.Day<10) function. Took a loooong while to figure out!