Fixing broken Fio power switch


I managed to knock the Fios power switch off the board due to some rigourous pushing and a homemade project box. I did place it back on and tested it and it worked however I then tried to secure it with a little dot of superglue on each end and subsequently got the switch stuck in position (doh). I have now removed it again and am left with the plain metal contacts that the switch sat on. I have tried to put an external switch to the sw sockets on the board but this did not work. Can anyone help me figure out what to do to get a functioning switch back in place?

Edit: I have also ran a multimeter across all the connections I can think of in combination on the metal pads but to no avail.

Thank-you in advance!


I did do what you said before posting but what a completely rookie error in that after testing the circuit on my switch and deciding which of its six legs were connected I then wired the wrong one! Simple wiring error on my part, measure 3 times cut once I guess should apply to electronics too!

However your solution was right so thanks for replying JohnLincoln! :slight_smile: