Fixing errors on Tutorial/Playground-sites?


I've found various errors on Playground and Tutorial-sites, lastly on this:

It says to connect 5V from one Arduino to the VIN-pin on the other - that won't work.

Can someone please fix this ?

// Per.

Can someone please fix this ?

Probably not. There is an error on the LED tutorial that has been there from the beginning, and still isn't fixed.

The Playground and Tutorial pages follow a model that is similar to that of the Roach Motel insect traps who's tag line is (was?) "Roaches Check In... But They Don't Check Out".

Basically material can be placed on these pages but once there the information seems to be inviolate. It cannot (at least by mere mortals) be modified or removed no matter how incorrect or obsolete that material may be.


I don't have write access to that part of the site and I don't know anybody who does.

I just clicked one of the add karma buttons (links) for you, PaulS.

I hope it was the right one.

I can't tell as your karma is not displayed.