Flame sensor giving False trigger under sunlight

Flame sensor giving false trigger under sun, what to do

Put a hat on the sensor to shade it from the sun.

Sun = big ball of FIRE. That are no false triggers you see.

use it only at night.

Use some sort of light detector and use the light detector value as a reference signal that is exceeded.

If you are going to use a hat, do not use a Jimmy hat.

My immediate thought is to create some code that will separate a "flickering" light from a constant light.

However you have provided No information as to what your goal is and how you are currently sensing it (i.e. sensor, processor, schematic etc)

Also you should do a mind experiment:

  1. Try to put all you know about your project out of mind.
  2. Go back and read your post and think about how others might understand your project with only that one line you posted.


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