Please check a new project we have started flaRDUINO, an open source flight device based on arduino and android with augmented reality capabilites and remote control through android phones.

Site just launched, posts including code samples and h/w instructions to be inserted upon progress. Volunteers also wanted for helping with the design of the h/w and the flight control code.

The link for the project is here http://flarduino.wordpress.com/

I'm afraid I find it rather hard to take this seriously?
When you say you launched a site, you meant you opened a blog with wordpress.. not something I'd even remotely call a website myself.
But.. it also has javascript falling snow code in it.

Last time I saw that used on a site.. was a decade or more ago, and even then it was the complete opposite of serious content.
In case this is a serious project with actual backing, I'd strongly suggest to remove the javascript fancy stuff. It would also help to either set your project up with an actual project host such as launchpad, google code? (or whatever the name is of the google project repository service), github or any of the other full project hosting services. In addition to providing a more serious pressence, they also provide useful services such as SVN, a bug tracker and usually some form of to-do list.
I doubt you'll get much interest with the 'site' as it is now :-/

Hi! Thank you for comments and suggestions. Currently we are a small team in number and want to share ideas on how to build the device, instructions and of course code as well. It is more of a blog right now, indeed, the code repositories will also come very soon when we will start posting code for Arduino and Android.
As for the snow, it is a christmas spirit wordpress feature ::slight_smile: