Flash a hex over the air

Say I have a bootloaded Arduino chip with Bluetooth channel on the TX/RX pins. I would like to flash it via the bluetooth serial port, without an IDE .

That means I would like to compile on a pc/mac , get the hex file, and then send it over BLE from another environment like iPhone for instance .

Is it just about sending the hex file as a regular string over serial and turning the reset on time ?

Is there any replacement for the avrdude so its portable ? what one would need to write such a program that uploads the hex and flash it from any environment ?

Thanks a lot.

avrdude is portable and open source. Modify it any way you like.

Thanks, but thats an easy thing to say. Can you actually run avrdude on iOS? if so, how? what file would you use and how exactly? open source is nice but if you download it you get tens of files, and its really not clear how the architecture works.