Flash + Arduino LED Tester

Hello all, I am trying to turn on a LED on pin8 on the Arduino Diecimila via Flash using the files from "Flash + Arduino LED Tester * by Jonah Model" http://memewire.com/reference/Arduino_Flash. Port 5331 is working fine and I know the Arudino Diecimila is receiving the info since the "RX" light is coming on each time I push a button. However, the LED is not lighting up. After I click on the button, on flash, of the LED8 the output from flash says this:

I'm not sure whats going on. Has anyone ever used this example to light an LED and have this problem? Sorry if this is vague, please let me know if I need to post source files, etc. Thank you for any advice.

hmm, looks like you have the baud rate set wrong

Thank you for your reply! As it turns out, I believe, it was a simple typo error in the tutorials code. :-[