Flash-Arduino / output values not constant


I have built a very simple application with Flash and Arduino in order to test the possibilities.

I have potentiometer link to a digital output which spits out values. There’s a delay of 50 in my arduino loop.

Flash listens to the Arduino changes through a Socket. when data is present it processes it and spits out the values. Everything works fine but every now and then the values start jumping varying from 0 to the value the system was on. This happens for no apparent reason. It also gets worse when I have my hand close to the board and interact with the potentiometer.

I also tried to connect a push button to the board and capture the value in Flash and same thing happens the system varies for no apprent reason and sometime doesn’t even reflect the interaction I have with the button.

The same behavior also happens when I trace the values from the Arduino IDE.

Am I missing something, is this normal behavior or have i breaking the board?



I found what the issue was. It was related with a bad circuit design. I had forgotten to bring power (5v) to the button. I thought the digital input was going to provide it. But it makes sense when you think about it. you need to close the circuit to get a signal in the digital input pin.