Flash Da Vinci 1.0

I recently bought a Da Vinci 1.0 3D printer from XYZPrinting. I am trying to flash the printer and put Repetier-Firmware-0.92 on it with the arduino 1.6.5. I have done everything that people say to do to flash it and am near the very last step of the process which is to pick the port and the board in the arduino IDE, then compile and upload the firmware on the printer.

My problem is that I need to select the "arduino DUE (native USB port)" as my board but it does not show up in the menu like it does in this tutorial I am flowing. I went to the board manager to install different boards but I did not know which to install so I installed all of them. it is still not apearing in the menu.

Does anyone know what I need to do?

with the arduino 1.6.5.

In the video at the 1:40 mark he says something you seem to have completely ignored. Why?

You can't much expect to see the same thing as in the tutorial if you start making up your own instructions at the very beginning.