Flash interfacing with Rotary encoder - CW & C

Hey there,

anyone got experience with using rotary encoders in Flash? I am not very commong with Flash and used en tried all the Arduino - rotary encoder sketches. But hooking it up to flash is not going well.

The problem is (input on A and B is not a problem) determing the rotation direction: CW and CCW. I want to use this to make some objects move left/right. I know it can be done in many different ways :D but i like to try to figure this out. And currently it either does nothing, jitters or runs out of the screen when using the encoder. I can not figure out how to program it in actionscript in order to let it recognize the rotation direction properly.

Any suggestions?

Using: arduino diecimilla, Alps rotary encoder, and Flash CS3 with a IDE made by Kasperkamperman.

Cheers, Floris

Hi, I've written some code for the Arduino, to read a rotaryEncoder, print it on some 7segmendDisplays (connected to a Max7219) and send the position to flash. I use the GlueAS3 class to connect the Arduino through the SerialProxy network-socket..... If I can help you with some code, let me know.

Regards from Germany, jo

So, I am trying to do what you say you have done. Any help you can give is GREATLY appreciated. I am trying to output a number from Flex/AS to display on a 7 segment display. I am using arduino with MAX7219. How do I write the output in AS?


I'm trying to get a variable to count up or down depending on which way the rotary encoder is turned (CW/CCW).

I've got an ALPS encoder set up with as3glue class & an Arduino diecimilla. So far all I've got is flash to read out the output of digital pins 3 & 4?

Has anybody got any code to interface a rotary encoder with Flash cs3?

Cheers, Jo