Flash Memory Issue in Arduino Yun

Hi, I am working on Arduino Yun and facing memory issue.

When i tried to upload any sketch on my board. It gives flash memory error stating "You don't have enough disk space to install the utility software. You need to free at least 1MB of Flash memory".

I ssh in to the board and found these memory stats from df -h command.

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 14.3M 14.2M 160.0K 99% / /dev/root 14.3M 14.2M 160.0K 99% / tmpfs 30.0M 108.0K 29.9M 0% /tmp tmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev

And then I tried to mount sd card using ExpandingYunDiskSpace tutorial.

But again I am facing the same flash memory issue while executing this memory expansion sketch.

I tried the following methods to clear the flash memory

1.Uploaded blank sketch 2.Reset the board using YUN RESET button 3.Upgraded the linino OS to this version "openwrt-ar71xx-generic-linino-one-16M-250k-jffs2-sysupgrade.bin"

But all in vain. I am stuck into this issue for last three days.

Can anyone help me to figure out how to clear flash memory and mount sd card for memory expansion.

Thanks in Anticipation.

I resolved this issues by flashing this OS image. It will by default give 6.6 MB of free space in root.