Flash on the Duemilanove - how long does it last?

This is probably a pretty silly question…but how many write cycles can be performed to the program flash and/or EEPROM on the Duemilanove before they wear out? Probably something I don’t have to worry about in this lifetime and I don’t expect any problems but I was just curious. (No I’m not writing code to wear them out on purpose :slight_smile: I know flash doesn’t last forever. I’ll probably turn my toes up before this thing wears out!

The datasheet says FLASH is good for at least 10,000 erase/write cycles and EEPROM for 100,000.

At 10 programming cycles per day, every day, your FLASH should be good for just less than 3 years. And that’s a MINIMUM rating…chances are good it’ll last longer than that, according to the datasheet.

Good to know…I’m about to buy a second one I like this one so much. With such a low price (<$30) on Hacktronics) it’s essentially a non-issue to buy a backup if ever needed. Thanks for the info!

You do know that you can just purchase spare processor chips also?


I do now blushes (Bear with me, I come from the BASIC Stamp world :slight_smile: One of these days I’ll even work up the motivation to build my own Arduino system on a breadboard. Thanks again for all your help!