Flash reading anything other than UTF from Audrino

Ok, so i have flash talking to my Audrino and vise versa via serproxy, and I am really loving my two day old Audrino, but one thing i can't figure out being a beginner is why i can't read ints or other data types besides UTF from Audrino.

I try to use Socket.readInt(); or readBoolean(); in AS3 and i get a EOFError, and I am not sure if it's because I am not ending my sends right or what, but Socket.readUTFBytes(Socket.bytesAvailable); works great, and it's the only thing i find people using (maybe for a reason, i do not know)

Anyway, has anyone got any of the other read functions to work? I can always parse data out of text but utilizing the other functions would be handy.

Thanks, Troy