Flash + Servo support?

Can anyone shed some light to my problem with Arduino + Flash + Servo?

I've gotten AS3Glue (as3Glue_v2_beta2.zip) off of Google Code and uploaded StandardPlusFirmata2 to my Arduino.

How do I get my servo to move?

I've toyed around with the following in Flash and it doesn't move.

import net.eriksjodin.arduino.Arduino; import net.eriksjodin.arduino.ArduinoWithServo; import net.eriksjodin.arduino.events.ArduinoEvent; import net.eriksjodin.arduino.events.ArduinoSysExEvent; var arduino:Arduino = new Arduino("", 5331); var arduinoWithServo:ArduinoWithServo = new ArduinoWithServo(); arduinoWithServo.setupServo(9,200);


StandardPlusFirmata2 to my Arduino.

The Arduino hardware page show pictures of 9 different Arduinos. Yours was not specifically highlighted...

I am using a Arduino Duemilanove.


There is a Firmata sketch specifically designed to work with servos using the Servo library. Have you tried loading that sketch on your Arduino?

Yes I have. I am using the StandardPlusServoFirmata2 sketch. Can't seem to get the motor moving though.