Flash SPI EEPROM with Arduino

Hi all,

is it possible to program a PM25LD010 using Arduino SPI?

My notebook broke down and it seems to be BIOS crashed.

i have the binary file for the Bios but not any programmer to fix this issue

as my programming knowledge is low i search for a simple way to write the binary file to

the PM25LD010 but may be there is a possibility to use arduinos SPI.

I know i have to shift levels from 5V to 3.3 V but i have no idea regarding software.

may be there is somebody in this forum who can help me .

thank you very much in advance!

Yes, it's possible. Yes, you will need a level shifter or a 3.3V Arduino. Many projects use just resistors as level shifters. MISO doesn't need to be shifted as it's an input to the Arduino.

Mostly Arduino projects with external memory use I2C chips but there's no real reason why SPI can't be used. SPI is more common on sensors used with Arduinos.

Thank you for response,

it´s not the hardware side where i stuck, i just have absolutely no idea how to bring the binary file to the

i know about level shifting and connecting , i also played successful with some spi AD converters.

i just have a windows PC and the .bin file .... and as i wrote before no idea...