Flash two LEDs for 5 secs using an external Interrupt on Int1?

Hi, I am having some trouble using the Pro Mini using a interrupt that is external to get 2 LEDs to flash for 5 seconds and print to the serial monitor. I have used some examples and I wrought my own programming and still no luck. I am basically using a sensor that is High to Low or Low to High. Once this sensor engages, I need it to do an interrupt and flash the LEDs on pin13 or the built in LED and also an LED on pin10 or any other I can change the circuit to accommodate a different output pin.

I was wondering if anyone knew of some simple programming to achieve this? I also am wondering if I have to use a pin change or state change between two pins to achieve this instead of the INT1? Thanks

What trouble are you having ?

What you want to do sounds easy as long as you don't try to flash the LEDs in the ISR itself.

Please read this before posting a programming question and post your code.

Why do you think that you need to use an interrupt to do what you describe ?

I wrought my own programming ...

Could you post what you wrought?

adjective: wrought; suffix: -wrought

(of metals) beaten out or shaped by hammering.
made or fashioned in the specified way.
"well-wrought pop music"

Did you code in the old-fashioned way? Well, this is the year 2015, wo/man! Do it the modern way!