Flash website interfacing with Arduino

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this forum and have a question relating to how to get a flash website talking to the arduino. I think I will be okay with the setup of getting flash to communicate with the arduino through e.g serproxy, the question is,

If I host a website say at arduinotest.com that has the flash file, how do I talk to an arduino that for example sits on a local computer/server in the office. Or vice versa, send messages on local arduino to a website/server.

Can the ardunio be allocated a public ip address through an ethernet shield? How do you setup the arduino to get a public ip?


How are you connecting it to the internet? Through a router?

If so, you look at port forwarding for your router. You forward all incoming requests for port 80 to go to your arduino's local IP. You access it by going to your main internet connection IP.

Another option would be to have your arduino send variables to a php page or something along those lines. This would be a better option if you have an IP that does not stay the same for long.

Well initially I will be testing the device in the office, so yes I will be connecting to the internet through a router.

Cheers for the advice.

Once I have completed some projects, these may become installations e.g. events, museums, what is the best way to achieve portability for the arduino. Would I have to add a wireless module to the arduino and connect to the local network at the museum then configure their router to forward port 80 requests to the arduinio ip, or is there any alternatives.

Basically I'm looking for advice on how I can make the arudino a portable installation that may have data sent to it through the www.