Flashed a bad .hex file, Arduino UNO doesn't work anymore

I flashed a bad .hex file using Atmel FLIP to my Arduino UNO.

I can no longer flash other files to it or upload a sketch.
I tried to find other solutions, but no one has the same problem as I do.
I have gone through the Arduino support. It says i have a corrupted bootloader.
But I can't burn it, because I don't have another Arduino.
Is there any way to burn the bootloader without any other hardware?

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no, unless you can use Atmel FLIP to upload a bootloader file.

So I just have to buy a new board?

Well, I don't know anything about FLIP. But if it's a flash programmer, perhaps it can flash the bootloader...

My philosophy is, if you can erase the bootloader you should be able to replace it.

It is a flash programmer, but because of the corrupt bootloader it just gives me an error message "Could not open USB device.".

What interface does it use, ICSP or serial?

Not sure. How do i check?

Is FLIP just software? To a USB connected device?


I guess, buy a cheap UNO clone and use it to burn the bootloader. Then you have one good and one not bad UNO.

Or buy a USB-ASP dongle that you connect to program the chip directly from the ICSP connector.

Do you know why you can't use the usb cable to burn the bootloader?

Yes, it's because the AVR processor doesn't have any embedded serial bootloader.

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Can you recommend any cheap UNO clone?

Not really. Robodyn makes the best boards of all the third party builders. I hesitate to recommend others, because there are so many and they come and go all the time.

Do you think it's cheaper to buy an arduino clone and reflash the UNO or should I buy like a micro and not worry about any of the IDE reflashing?

Myself, I would take it as an excuse to upgrade. :slight_smile: The main advantage of the UNO is the baseline compatibility with 10 years of sometimes board specific software and hardware.

Does the micro or the leonardo have any other advantage over the UNO other than the IDE stuff?

Yes, it does. It has HID capability, I think slightly more RAM, and an extra hardware serial port.

Not sure what you mean, "IDE stuff"...

Messed up my acronyms meant HID. oops

The Pro Micro is another nice one. Or if you want to be adventurous, a Blue Pill (STM32F103C8T6). I'm just assuming you are looking at the cheaper options...