flashing a sketch onto Arduino nano using a Wemos d1 mini

first i know i can use an esp8266 to do this or there are shields and things that can do this - i have a wemos d1 mini that is capable of WiFi. I don't have an esp8266 or onion 2 (that does exactly this).

I'd like to set the wemos to send GET and POST requests to my websites hosted webserver , where my PHP scripts take that information and store it in the database. The webserver and database are out of this scope.

i'd like to have the wemos sending newfound data to my webserver, using PUT requests.

i'd like to have the wemos recieving newfound data to my webserver, using GET requests.

all of the sensor processing and such is done on the arduino nano.

The arduino nano sends sensr data to the wemos through a digital I/O pin as an OUTPUT.
the wemos recieves that sensor information through a digital I/O pin as an INPUT.

then the wemos takes that data and POSTs it to the websites server.
the websites server sends a POST request (OR the wemos sends an additional GET request) to retrieve a response on the Wemos.

With that response on the wemos , the wemos sends the command it was sent (it does no processing on the wemos)it's sealed envelope from the website server to the arduino nano over a digital I/O pin.

the arduino nano then processes that command (the command is a change in variables) and then adjusts its outputs accordingly.

every X number of seconds it sends data (in a sealed envelope) out through the OUTPUT port to the Wemos , where the Wemos then sends that envelope over WiFi to the websites server.

the digital output sends a high or low.. if i used analog then it would need to be processed into a string variable for the PHP to read it i think. Or for the most true form of sealed envelope i think i could connect the wemos serial to the arduino nano serial .. can this be both input and output? and have that serial send a string.

outside of this i'd like to attach the wemos to the nano in a way that i can download a updated sketch to the nano. The wemos receives this sketch that it writes to the Nano. This i am not sure how to do. I have this set up now, i can do a schematic for easy viewing.

going to update the post with a schematic soon.

right now i have hooked up the power , Nano gets power from wemos, wemos recieves main power (5v).. they share a ground connected to a breadboard. I have the 6 pins at bottom of nano (commonly used to program other boards) What i am wondering is if i can use those pins to program IT instead. The wemos i am using does not have those same pins for programming.

anyway - i am going to picture what i have before i do the schematic.
i have connected those 6 pins on the arduino nano to 5v on the breadboard, ground on breadboard, and the 4 other data pins to my Wemos. D5, D6, D7, D8 are the digital pins i've chosen to connect to the nanos programmer.

edit : i have to upload the pictures via imgurl becuase they are too large. Please see them here:

in the last picture i show how the wemos is getting power.

the d2 and d1 pins of wemos are connected to the analog pins a0 and a1 of the nano. (i made mistake saying they were digital to digital before) So, these send input and output on the same 2 pins. Instead of using 2 input pins and 2 output pins i've combined the two and they take turns.. With that considered perhaps it is just ultimately much much better to use Serial, for flow.