Flashing an Arduino

What is the recommended software for flashing an Arduino with a binary file?

And does that software preserve the boot loader?

avrdude and it depends.

Delta_G: avrdude and it depends.

Sorry I should have been more specific.

Windows software.....that perhaps uses avrdude?

Is there such a thing?

I could write my own windows app but why re-invent the wheel if some one has already done so.

Xloader can do it for you.

// Per.

Avrdude works as a command-line utility in windows. There are some GUI front-ends for it; one is "avrdudess" It will erase the bootloader if you use a programmer (this is a consequence of the chip itself, not the flashing utility), but not if you use the bootloader.

With ESP8266 Flasher you can specify an address to flash the binary to.

Is that not possible with Arduino?

I.E. So that you 'miss' the boot loader