Flashing an ATtiny84 with my UNO

I'm making my own version of the ATtiny85 programmer by Sparkfun. They have the firmware listed HERE but I'm not sure I know how or if I can get that firmware onto my ATtiny84 chip. Attached is a photo of my board, and the schematics. My board is a little smaller, and has a different USB connector on it.
I have included an 2X6 pin header on mine that is connected to the onboard ATtiny84 that I need to flash. But the problem is, the firmware they supply isn't in 'sketch' form. Is there a way to get that firmware onto the chip using my UNO? I don't have any other programmer.

Tiny_Programmer_v1.pdf (31.4 KB)

I found this webpage on Using the Arduino as ISP to load hex files

In the firmware folder there are kinds of folders and files that I'm not familiar with. But there is one .hex file called main.hex. Would that be the 'firmware' that I need to load onto the ATtiny84?

You can see the firmware files/folders here


Upload Arduino as ISP to your Uno and invoke avrdude from the command line. That's all the IDE does behind the scenes (not even behind the scenes if you enable verbose upload output)

I would enable verbose uploads, select attiny84 from the tools -> board menu, select Arduino as ISP from the tools -> programmer menu, and do "upload using programmer" with any sketch - something like blink or bare minimum. Doesn't need to be connected or anything - but in the output window, you'll see an avrdude command (at the start of the avrdude/upload stuff). copy/paste that command into a text editor and adjust it to set the fuses to match the fuse settings they use on that programmer, and to use the .hex file they give you (yes, main.hex is the file) - this makes it easier to sort out things like the paths to avrdude and it's config file.

Ok thanks. Are the fuse settings in that firmware somewhere ? I’m sure they are. I’ll look around but I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for.

They are not specified in the code for the firmware - that is an additional piece of configuration information; you may have to deduce what they are from the information available.