Flashing i2c firmware in SM130 RFID Module + SparksFun Eval Board + Arduino

Is it okay to flash i2c firmware in a SM130 RFID module (that's already soldered with the SparksFun RFID Evaluation Board) via Arduino board (with ATMega) ?

As what I normally see, they flash firmware using SonMicro's firmware flashing tool with a bare SM130 module, without the eval board via FTDI cable or Arduino board (without the ATMega) I'm afraid that my eval board gets a problem when i desolder it since I'm no good in soldering and desoldering.

I referred to these links.

http://ricardo-dias.com/2012/03/17/sm130-rfid-reader-and-arduino/ http://blog.notdot.net/2011/03/Using-the-SM130-RFID-NFC-reader