Flashing LED working with a wireless switch


I need to create a circuit in which I can program LEDS to flash on one setting, but remain consistent on another. The circuit also needs to include a wireless switch (or do i not need this if ardunio can also work as a wirless switch) Please advise how the circuit would look.

Many thanks

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What type of “wireless” (WiFi, radio, IR)? What is the sender?

Hi, It's a wireless switch controlled by an on/off button on a separate remote (charged by a small 3v battery). about the circuit : 52 LEDS (2-2.2v each) / 12v power source and 180ohm resistors.

What type of "wireless" (WiFi, radio, IR)?

You didn't answer my question.

Sorry, I was trying to post the link in a seperate post but didnt realise there was a 5minute gap in posts. Hope this helps? Thanks again