Flashing sketches thru parallel programmer

Hi all,

I am trying to burn & boot my sketches bypassing bootloader for space and timing issues. I am using Atmega8 but I can't end up in uploading my sketch using the Arduino IDE v0007 :(

I have build and tested the parallel programmer. I have modified the three entries of the "preferences.txt" file as per documentation, installed giveio and applied reg patch. I succeeded in re-burning the bootloader using the "Tools/Burn Bootloader (parallel port)" menu, but I could not burn a sketch of mine eventually: I always end up with a "Programmer is not responding error".

However, by directly using the 'uisp' tool on command line I was able to correctly burn and run my sketch! Is there something else i need to tune in the Arduino IDE ?

thanks & regards.


What command line do you use for uisp outside of the IDE? If you set upload.verbose to true in the preferences file, you can see the command line that's used to call uisp from the IDE. The difference between the two should be a good clue of what's wrong.

Thanks, I'll enable verbosity to drive the problem out. The command line I am currently using is:

uisp -dprog=dapa -dpart=ATmega8 if=leds.hex -dlpt=0x378 --erase --upload