Flashings LEDs to Music out of any Media player

Can anyone show me a Tutorial or Code on how to do flashing LEDs like in the youtube video. from what i can see he has a program running finding volume and then passing that onto the Arduino.

Any help would be great i have been looking for ages but cant seem to find anything.

youtube /watch?v=uhFSg6ESpM0

Search on "music led" and you'll find a bunch of things.


looked like a good place to start.

i looked at the link u provided and that dosnt seem to be software on the PC controlling the lights (unless i missed somthing).

so i have been doing alot of research on trying to get these leds flashing like i want. Came across: http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Dance-Room/ but the results are rather disapointing.

Also I need to know if the following image is the correct way to wire up multiple lights to one Pin and give me PWM to every LED on that string of LEDs :)

Add grounds together! (wire from -12v to arduino gnd)

Greetings, EriSan500

add grounds together? not sure i understand what u mean :-[

you mean like that? still totally noob that this :)

BTW The 12v Power source is going to be a car battery if that makes any difference.

Thats correct.

Greetings, EriSan500

Ok Sweet thanks will try that in next couple of days :) still working with a mate to get the code right, its doing some weird stuff atm :)

i looked at the link u provided and that dosnt seem to be software on the PC controlling the lights (unless i missed somthing).

um mine is… so you want a computer attched right? but you want if from any source?

I can’t help you with that, but i’m sure it would involve “steromix” the code i got was from macegr and it was a plugin for winamp. this was the best route for me because I don’t have stereo mix on my laptop, and i use winamp as my default media player.

any code in my previous posts is outdated… i have sense redone it to deal with different visual styles and multiplexing.

I'm new to arduino, and I just purchased an Arduino duemilanove few days ago. As of now, all I know is how to blink an LED using code loaded onto the board. (it was in the Arduino for Beginners book).

Now I hope this is not a big step, but I'm trying to find a winamp plugin that can send information from my computer to the board through USB which will then simply flash some LEDs (connected in parallel all around my room) to the beat of the music. I'm going to have the board connected to my computer at all times, and I don't intend on using it with an iPod or any other source. I've searched around, and I think SilverCG has accomplished what I want to do. So if you could please PM me or send me an email and guide me through this project, that would be great.

Thanks, Sam