Flat surface tactile sensor (button) -preferably digital

Hello! I am looking for some kind of flat tactile sensor to act as a button. Like a resistive touch screen surface, only it would be better if it could plug into the digital port, and it does not need to sense position.

Main thing is that it senses touch, has a surface of at least around 3X7cm, is not thicker than 5mm and can plug into the digital port to sense on/off (touched/not touched). It is also somewhat important that (sudden) movement does not cause it to sense.

It is thought as a way to make a choke for arduino-based e-drum cymbals.

I have tried google, but i am not really familiar with part names and such in the electronics world, so i ask here before i give up.

Capacitive sensing might fit your needs… if the response time is fast enough…


… and…


You could also look into force-sensitive resistors (FSR's) like this one, though I'm not sure it meets the "ignores sudden movements" criterion. You can always filter those out in software.

It will connect to an analog port, not a digital port, unless you add extra electronics.

-- Beat707: MIDI drum machine / sequencer / groove-box for Arduino

thanks for the hints! We will try to build a capacitive sensor first, as it seems to follow the requirements more precisely.

The Beat707 is a cool device, kudos! We already have the MIDI triggering worked out though (even through the USB connector).

Rogue Robotics rKey perhaps?

Capacitive touch switch - it just outputs a nice high/low and is self calibrating.