flex sensor for wind

i have a few questions about using a flex sensor to measure wind strength.

the first is that i noticed that the flex sensor only really responds when it bends. small fluctuations won't really do much. is there something i can attach it to, to help create this bending effect when you apply air (or wind)?

the second is the values i'm getting around around 245, and as it bends it goes down to 160. i have a 10k resistor on there. does this sound normal?

You can add a sail to amplify the bending effect of the wind. However the whole arrangement needs to be aligned with the wind.

Those readings sond alright, try altering the 10K to get a bit more range. Measure the sensor at mid working flex and make the resistor that value or close to it.

thanks how would i add a sail to this?

would you alter the resister by making it 22k?

how would i add a sail to this

Glue a square of cardboard to the end of the sensor. The bigger the area of cardboard the bigger the amplification effect.

would you alter the resister by making it 22k?

If that is the resistance of the mid bend then yes it sounds reasonable.