Flex sensor with arduino

Hi, i am trying to start up my new project about flex sensor glove for hand
flexion assessment and recording data for one day(by using memory card
so for that i assemble one flex sensor with arduino uno with the proper
resistance and program to read the result and mapping it, that’s working
but i need some help please for adding a knob or regulator (variable
resistor) connected to a buzzer or led those makes flag or alarm when a
given degree of
flex sensor reached. this regulator is assigned to user to select at which
angle of flexion of his hand buzzer should be executed.
thanks for support and help

Wire up the pot one end to 5V the other end to ground, with the wiper going to an analogue input.
Read the value on the wiper and use the number you get to act as a trigger on the value you compare the flex sensor to in order to activate the buzzer.
Is this an assignment?

A warm welcome to the arduino community.
Adding a pot is a very simple & useful tweak to determine the threshold value.
in this part you'll come to know about the map() function. Recently I have used the pot for the same purpose in my code as well. I hope it will be helpful to you too...

int pot = A5; // set the A5 or any analog pin you wish as potmeter's output
int potValue = 0; // initialise the value as 0
int flexThreshold = 0 // lets take an integer to store your preferred flex threshold
void setup() {
  pinMode(pot, INPUT);  // declare the pin as input pin

Void loop() {
potValue = analogRead(pot); // read the analog pot value via ADC pin
flexThreshold = map(potValue, 0, 1023, 10, 50);  // ADC returns value from 0 to 1023. you can convert the valu to any range 
                                                                                    // declared by the last two numbers of that function
if (flexValue > flexThreshold){
           .......         //lit an LED or ring a buzzer


Connect pin A with 5V & Cpin C with GND & connect the middle pin to the A5 pin.

I am also a noob & believe me the world of arduino is really exciting.