Flex Sensor

I'm using this sensor. It's currently connected to the breadboard and the two ends of it are so small that they barely fit in the breadboard. On top of this I think they may break which I don't want as just one of them over here in the UK has cost me £20 (rip off I know) but with limited knowledge of how to do tests when building I'm just using a breadboard and jumper cables which obviously will not attach to those two points unless they are soldered or something. Is there any way I can link them together, perhaps something similar to jumper cables that will not bind permanently but strongly enough and not damage the sensor so that I can play with it during tests.


Why not solder some headers to them. Then when your not using it in your bread board it will be easier to attach wires to the sensor. I have attached two links. One link is for the headers & the other is the wires you can use after your done testing the sensor.

Best of luck!

Oh that's cool. I guess those silver pins can be pulled out and they then can be soldered wherever I want them to.

Well you can pull them off but it is better to cut (or break) them. Its better to break them because the plastic keeps them inline with the breadboard holes. If you pull them out of the plastic good luck trying to make it fit in the bread board. If your new at soldering I would recommend getting the longer ones so that you do not have to be as precise when soldering.