flexible e-ink displays


This is mainly display - less arduino related, but I am hoping that by an off chance someone who can help me out uses these forums.

I am looking for some custom flexible e-ink displays. Does anyone have any pointers as to where I could get them? I understand that getting a "pixel display" is almost inpossible, however segmented displays should be available.

Does anyone have any idea except contacting e-ink and toppan printing? Does anyone have any experience with toppan printing? Any tipps in generall?

Has anyone here had any luck in getting their hands on custom segmented flexible displays?

If anyone here has some information, but is hesitent to share it, please pm me, I will further explain the project and maybe we can work something out.


If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.

(and yes, the final project will invlove arduino :-D... and yes, I will post it in the exhibit)