Hello everyone, I would like to create interruptions of 100ms and 3000ms. I think something does not work well in my programme. I want to generate a signal HIGH during 100ms and LOW during another 100ms. Then I want to generate another signal HIGH during 3secs and a LOW during 3secs as well.
The led 13 is blinking during 3secs and remains off during another 3secs. But the first signal does not happen (100ms). Thanks for your help.

#include <FlexiTimer2.h>

void dccInterrupt()
static boolean output = HIGH;

void Bitun()

void BitZero()
void setup() {



void loop() {


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In cases where timing is involved, words tend to not translate clearly into well defined parameters. For this reason, I strongly suggest that you make a pen and paper sketch, or a computer drawing of the lighting sequence with time in the X axis.

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A. Why do want to use interrupts for such slow signals?
B. How do you expect a single timer to produce interrupts at both 100 and 3000 milliseconds?

It looks like you are trying to get a single output to both blink 5 times a second (100 ms ON, 100 ms OFF) and once every 6 seconds (3s ON, 3s OFF). That can't be right. What do you REALLY want to do?

best way to explain it is to draw a timing-diagram on a sheet of paper shoot a picture of it with your smartphone and then attach this picture to a posting.

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