flicker-free LED for filming


I want to built a dimmable led lamp with high power 3W leds for filming which can be controlled by an arduino. So far I've tested pwm with mosfets and led driver from meanwell MW LDD-700L
However all of these solutions had the issue with flickering when dimming.
I also need the timers on the arduino.
Do you know if there are drivers with i2c or something similar or do you know a different approach?

LDD-700L dimmers can also be voltage controlled, for flicker-free dimming.
0.5volt to 2.5volt on the DIM pin is 20% to 100% LED current.
All you need is a 2-resistor voltage divider (Arduino type dependent) and a capacitor.
Tell us which Arduino you have.

You don't even need an Arduino for flicker-free dimming.
A simple variable resistor (pot) from the DIM pin to module ground will also work.
Try 100k linear (100kB)

Thank you for your answer. Actually I plaxed around with this long time ago but it wasn’t very convienent, also I need 0%-100%

I have to precise that I need several of these 3W Leds. For one light 18W and for an another type I need 35W in total.

I’m using Atmega328P as MCU. Analog is no option with a poti as I need a digital control