Flickering Sure Electronics 2416


I've just purchased 3 Sure Electronic 2416 LED matrix boards and I've got them up and running. However, there is a constant flicker, moving very rapidly from the bottom to the top of the displays. It's as if the refreshment rate is too low but I doubt this is the case. When only a few LEDs are switched on (i.e. 5 or so) the flickering appears to be gone. Whenever there are more LEDs on at once, the flickering occurs and gradually gets worse according to the amount of LEDs that are on.

I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with my power supply? When only a few LEDs are on, I measure +- 5.2V and with a lot of LEDs on, I get 4.6V.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance.

Yeah, try a power supply with a bit more grunt. It might be the code you are using though. Not really looked into how they are controlled (even though I have one!)