Flight Controller Board Recommendation

Good Afternoon,

Thank you in advance to anyone looking at this and taking the time to answer.

I am looking for some advice on which board to use for a flight controller. I saw a few related topics but did not see anything that spoke to my question.

I use a PixHawk for my quadcopter currently but I am looking to build something from scratch for a fixed wing project.

I am not overly worried about cost but I am going to need to control/work with a minimum of the following.

  1. 10 large Servo Motors (possibly as many as 16).
  2. Minimum of 3 cameras (can be low resolution but will still eat up ram)
  3. quite a few sensors.
  4. 900MHz radio send/receive.
  5. 2.4 wifi.

I am really looking for the most RAM/CPU/flashMem I can get in a board that is reasonable to work with and has a large catalog of compatible accessories, motors, and sensors.

I have been out of this hobby for a while and Just do not know what is out there any more.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Have you looked at Arducopter?

I have and I do use it for other projects. But I would like to do this one as a scratch build with my own hardware and software design.

Regards masoric

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