Flight simulator controls for sale -easy to hack for arduino

To start off with, I hope I’m not breaking any rules trying to sell anything on this forum, I didn’t see anything in the rules against this. I have some flight controls that are in very nice shape that are from around 1999 that could use a good home, but the only proper place for them would be in the hands of someone who could mod them with an arduino or write code for the serial protocol it uses. It would be a great to use with FlightGear or some other flight simulation software. The foot pedals and the yoke can be connected to a gameport (or arduino!) and the throttle controls have what looks like a printer port style connector, and when the yoke and foot pedals are connected to this box it sends the raw data from all these devices through that printer cable. It also has a converter box, called UCI 5 (universal controller interface) which converts the switch input and (I’m guessing) potentiometer input into serial, but I’m unsure of the baud. This is a very nice system, made out of metal. All the cables would be included. The only problems are one of the buttons on the yoke has come loose so you can glue that back on, and in my father’s ownership of it he said he couldn’t get the plane to go up or down when he pushed or pulled on the yoke, so either something wasn’t connected right (he’s not very tech savvy) or there is something not working inside which I’m sure you could fix with a little time and patience. My dad purchased this new for $1500 15 years ago and I’m hoping to sell this for $100, plus whatever shipping is (maybe 30 or 40 bucks? I’m not sure, it’s bulky). I want to give the money to my dad so he can buy a new system, he’s selling his plane and so he could use a distraction from the pain of loosing it after all these years. But other than that, the main goal is to give a good system to someone who could make good use of it, it seems too nice just to throw away.

Side note: I am about to go on a trip for a while, then have annual training with the national guard right after, so if you are interested in buying it I’ll get your contact info and take care of things when I’m free in August. My preferred method of payment would be paypal, and then you would have protection as a buyer through them.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm in the U.S. and doubt it would be feasible to ship internationally. I'm in eastern Idaho for anyone who might live nearby.

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